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Hi! I'm Allie. I believe in courage, balance, integrity and resiliency.

Currently making rad beer labels at Modern Times 🤘

I have a unique blend of experiences: as a brand designer I have a traditional set of layout & design skills, as an illustrator I can tell visual stories, and as a packaging beer label designer with one of the most creative breweries in the country I have sweat and tears plus some good stories. 

Originally from the Philadelphia area, I moved to Portland in 2016. Having a bi-coastal perspective has been incredibly useful for my work in design and illustration. I've had the pleasure of working with an array of clients from the corporate marketing sector to the toking hippie persuasion.
When I'm not designing, I'm working on illustration commissions and personal design projects, rock climbing, and educating myself on the topics of intersectionality and my role as a white cis woman in the world.


2023 Society of Illustrators 65, NYC / group show

2022 Fishbowl Gallery, Portland, OR / group show

2021 SMOL, A Sometimes Gallery, Portland, OR / group show

2014 Not Yet Famous Artists, Chris White Gallery, Wilmington, DE / group show


Always with Honor

A Sometimes Gallery

Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership

Oregon Humanities Magazine

Portland Parks Foundation


Mesh, Aaron: “To Mark Its 20th Anniversary, Portland Parks Foundation Created Stunning Posters of Iconic Local Parks,” Willamette Weekly, July, 2021.

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